Monday, June 18, 2007


Ok, since I seem to have only three types of birds (see previous post) visiting, I thought I'd talk about one of them a little bit.

Carlita the Cardinal loves the bench feeder on the front porch. Usually, Carlos swoops in first to make sure it's safe, then he sounds the "all clear" and makes room.

Last night I was treated to Carlita on the bench feeder. She eats so dantily and NEVER flings the seed like Big Jay the Seed Slinger. Last night, though, she seemed a little nervous. I realized she could see both me on the couch and Jack the Schnauzer on the stair landing. She perched facing us, which made it look like she was sitting on the little "bench" while she ate. She kept looking from me, to Jack, and back again, crouching down on occasion like she wanted to fly away, then settling down to eat. It was really kind of funny!

But not as funny as what happend after she left.

Himself could see me sitting here. He "flapped" past my window, flapped over to the feeder, then left again.

Yes, that's why I married him.

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