Monday, June 18, 2007

Opening Day

This is my new Birding blog!

Yes, I have become a birder. Uncle Lloyd will be so proud! I have feeders in the front yard, water available for the birds, and plenty of "hiding spots" for them when they're not feeding. To find out how to make your yard bird friendly, check this out!

The main purpose of this blog, aside from my own enjoyment, is to record the birds I see daily and their antics. One day, I'll have a digital camera of my own have have fun posting pictures. Maybe for now I can borrow some off web sites, or at least post a link.

Under the eave of my front porch, I have a feeder that looks like a red porch swing. The cardinals have claimed this as their own. Just now, a male cardinal tried to feed, but my resident cardinal, Carlos, chased him off. Big Jay the Seed Slinger (a bluejay named by Glenna) took advantage and hopped on to feed. He's one messy bird, flinging seeds left and right. Of course, the mourning doves love this and move under the feeder when he's around.

I'm working on planning for school next year and have set up my station on the couch, near the window. Right now the feeder is occupied by Carlita, the female cardinal. She's such a dainty eater. She never flings it about like Big Jay the Seed Slinger.

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