Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dry Times

It's so dry out there. We're supposed to have rain every day in the summer! Today, I actually saw a squirrel on my birdbath, getting a drink. That's when you know it's REALLY dry!

What are some things you have done to water the critters?

Our front hose has a small drip, so I put a terracotta saucer (that goes under a terracotta pot, usually) to catch the drip. The birds have loved this SO much because it's shallow. They drink and bathe in it all the time.

I have a birdbath, but I have to remember to put fresh water in it every day. The mourning doves love this one the most for some reason. I would think they'd like the one on the ground by the hose, but I see them at this one all the time.

There's also a spot below the rain gutter spout. The AC makes condensation, and this drips all day. I now have a little pot to catch the condensation and it's always full for the critters. I'm also thinking of a way to direct this drip into a small vegetable garden. The AC's always on, so there's always a drip. Why not?

There's a woman in Carlsbad, CA, who has placed 68 rain barrels around her property. Carlsbad only gets about 11 in. of rain each year, but by doing this she is able to collect enough water for a small swimming pool and koi pond! I wonder what I could collect with even ONE rain barrel?

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